1. Reflect

2. Absorb

3. Transform

4. Study


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Reflect - Shielding for your Mind. The EM-Radiation get's reflected/blocked, and you can wear this one even for sleeping 24/7. 

"It helped stop the feelings I had from some device that was being used on me. I couldn't believe that the day I put on the cap the feeling and signal was blocked and it instantly felt myself again. I also bought the RF shielding poncho and few others products... I'm in awe on how these things are actually a cure to my suffering."


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"Absorber collects within a body size sphere, so the whole EMF-Energy get's lower around you. Wear it in your pocket or briefcase, the closer the better. At the Same time this one from QuanThor raises a healthy Schuhmann-RF Field resonating at the Earths Bio-Frequency of 7,83Hz using the absorbed energy for additional health benefiting effects."

Aires Guardian

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Transformer - Aires Guardian has three next generation silicon based micro processors that provide universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from widely spread devices found in and around typical homes, offices and automobiles. These devices can also be used for area protection. You can wear it even, it's area protection is like 20m², the closer you are the better. Field gets transformed and harmonized, it takes away disturbing effects within range while maintaining full device compatibility like 5G, Wifi, ELF, Sattelite Radio, GPS.

EMI Shielding

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214€ Book, 414 Pages

The abstract of this book is available for free. It gives a very good overview on different approaches of shielding materials.

Materials for Potential EMI Shielding Applications: Processing, Properties and Current Trends extensively and comprehensively reviews materials for EMI shielding applications, ranging from the principles to possible applications and various types of shielding materials.

More Absorbers, Grounding and Reflecting

I am a victim of Psychotronic V2K Testing Havana Syndrome or some illness and i want find out what it is, and i try to find a shield. I feel it will be an absorbing Sphere around your body.
There are two types of absorbers, frequency locked(probably biofingerfrint approaches), and broadband. At the time being, i will try broadband absorbers to generate a EMI free spehere around my body, besides the reflectors and the transformers.
My findings so far, i feel better, but i still get fake perceptions, like voice, bodycontrol and pains, but it less noisy with the stuff here, my head is clearer and i feel subjectively better. The physics give me right, the research goes on, and we be free again! Heads up! My research is aweful expensive besides I have low to death energy often, but I am in no way scuicidal, even if the perps rape me even on a spiritual basis 24/7..

X-Ray Absorber Hat

0.5mmpb meets current FDA ASTM protective standards,package included:only a x-ray protective hat.
Fit most radioactive workplace: radiation protection in hospitals such as radiology, nuclear medicine, dental clinics, pet hospitals, oilfield mines, and industrial inspections.
The X-Ray, MRI and CT Radiation Protective, Radiation Safety Cap offers great protection for head for X-Ray, MRI and CT Radiation radiation.


20 Foot Grounding Cable for Earth, EMF Radiation Fabrics, WIFI Radiation Protection. Just Clip it and Plug into Your Outlet Ground.

Reflector Fabric

Faraday Fabric-EMI RFID Shielding Earth Grounding-Block WiFi/RF Anti-Radiation Military Grade for Radiowave Microwave and Other Electromagnetic Fields 78"x43" inch.

This is how it may work - if we got the data aka unique bioemf-fingerprint

the newest idea works like a radar jammer. point 1: get your own biofrequency. point 2. get a sender with it with a stronger amplitude than your body sends away but near you, voila, the shit will couple with the honeypot jam device and your safe, a lightning absorber works, it will tackle the jammer and not you! 📷:D that my next research how to set the antenna? its a good question, eeg? mean, median and mode? ask the cia

This is on the way, i plan to get the quwave QFlexx model as well and report my findings.

The QWX1 didnt prevent from dream intrusion nor v2k nor pains in my case, the technologies are there for many ways to do such. it turned more of a philosophical question than a technical. it helps me overall a 10% bit in subjective perception, maybe it a play of the perps. I did feel good for like a few seconds, then it was gone, same with my mums perception, shes a ti 25 years. i now think, the qwx1 is too weak and mainly, it gets circumvented by the perps, so i get the QWX6, i ordered it allready. it has to do with scalar waves, it not a matter of ettiquette, scalar waves just mean it so tiny gridded, any other, even gamma, can be modulated inside it, whole reality is it maybe, lets see, we are living beings.

To be continued...